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Memorial Announcement

So we buried Mom last Wednesday

Burial and Memorial Details for Mom

Mom Passed Away Today

A Very Dramatic Evening

Mom admitted to VA hospice yesterday

Headed Back to Florida

Talked to Mom this morning

Mom in hospital still, very precarious

Mom back in hospital

Second Day in Jacksonville

Mom and Dad in Jacksonville

Mom and Dad going to Mayo Clinic tomorrow

I am back home again...

First Week of Radiation Over 8/7

Teasing Me

Dinner With the General

Mom and Ernie in WW2

General update 7/31

Mom Ice Skating When She Was Young

Ice Skating Memories, Part 6

Ice Skating Memories, Part 5

Ice Skating Memories Part 4

Ice Skating Memories and Snooks The Wonder Dog... Part 3

Ice Skating Memories, Part Two

Mom's Memories Ice Skating, Part One 7/26

Back at home - 7/25

Another Picture of the Loving Couple

A Moment of Humor (Or How Dad found Religion...sorta...)

Mom goes home today! 7/23

some good news and some bad news, 7/22

Holding Hands

Thurs 7/22

A General Update

Message for Michelle from Mom

Wed 7/21

ok, let's fast forward to Mom's cancer...

Boy, I've really let this linger